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FLYMATE Competition GPS 


Chocofly is proud to introduce the FLYMATE Competition GPS system for GPS Triangle racing. 


After an extended period of development, testing, refining, more testing and then even more testing the FLYMATE Competition GPS system is now made public available. 

Design goals of the FLYMATE Competition GPS system 

• Fast update rate of glider position, height and speed in the SkyNavigator app (Android only) 

• Rock steady telemetry link from glider to ground station 

• Rock steady Bluetooth or USB link from ground station to tablet/phone used for running SkyNavigator 

• Barometric pressure sensor with optional TEK/Static input for Vario tone output

• Works with all brands of RC-Equipment 

• Connection of two devices running SkyNavigator, one for pilot, one for helper      


To achieve this, a state of the art GPS receiver is used. It is optimized for aircraft use, with full GPS signal tracking also when performing high bank, high G turns during the speed task. Small form factor GPS antenna with reception in all directions combined with a Swiss GPS receiver chipset makes for a fast and stable 3D GPS signal lock.  


A build in pressure sensor, responsive to the slightest change in altitude, supplies input to the Vario function in the  SkyNavigator Android app in the 2017 version. The pressure sensor provides attachment of TEK tube or static air pressure, depending on the selected TEK compensation in SkyNavigator (physical or calculated). 


Telemetry link from glider to ground unit is on the 868MHZ band using frequency hopping spread spectrum technology (FHSS) as known from 2.4GHZ RC-equipment. Ceramic patch antennas are used in the telemetry link to give the best possible range and avoiding the blind spots known from traditional wire or stick antenna. (915MHZ versions for export outside Europe are available on request) 


The combination of GPS receiver and optimized telemetry link gives an update rate of 5 times per second. 

The glider and ground unit 'know' each other by having a common FLYMATE identification number. 

When bought as a set the glider and ground unit comes preconfigured with a unique FLYMATE identification number. 

When additional glider units are ordered, they will be preconfigured to match your ground station, or you can use the  

FLYMATE Android app for configuring the glider unit to match your ground station. 

Configuration from Windows or Apple computer is also possible using the supplied USB cable and a terminal-style application. 


FLYMATE Competition GPS works with all brands of RC-Equipment as it has its own Telemetry link, just add power (5-9V) 


For optimal use, connect it to a control channel so you can control the SkyNavigator app from your transmitter. 

Switch between thermal/glide/entry in the SkyNavigator app, signal START to make ready for entering the course, signal STOP - START if you flew in to high or too fast and want to re-enter to avoid penalty points. 


In short, designed by pilots for pilots, intensive field tested and competition proven. 


FLYMATE Competition GPS, a ChocoFly premium product.


ChocoFly GmbH

Wilstrasse 73

8600 Dübendorf


Tel: +41 78 712 62 52

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